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Organic Buchu Tea with Camomile

Organic Buchu Tea with Camomile

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Say hello to tranquility with our Skimmelberg Organic Buchu Tea with Camomile. This beautiful blend marries the benefits of two power-packed plants, creating a soothing sanctuary for your body and mind.

Our Buchu, hailing from the Western Cape of South Africa, boasts a tantalizing fusion of minty and blackcurrant aromas, packed with an abundance of natural oils. Combine this with premium Camomile, and you've got a match made in heaven. The flavors and scents of each are brought to life, creating an enhanced tea experience that's simply unbeatable.

This blissful brew is all-natural - free from caffeine, colorants, and preservatives. That's right, just the pure, unadulterated goodness of Buchu and Camomile in every cup. And to top it off, it's Certified Organic by CERES GmbH.

Proudly hailing from the Republic of South Africa, this tea is more than a drink – it's a soothing escape. So, why not indulge in our Skimmelberg Organic Buchu Tea with Camomile? It's relaxation in a cup, ready for you to enjoy.


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